Ready to Connect with Your Book Club!

Greetings fellow fiction fiends! Welcome book babes! Hello page-turners!

I hope you are enjoying reading False Front as much as I loved writing it. I knew Nathan and Emma before I ever put words on the page, and nothing was more satisfying for me than bringing their story to life.

If you’re part of a book club and want to make False Front your pick of the month, I would be thrilled. Moreover, I’d love to join you! If you message me and let me know when your book club will be meeting, I will arrange to come to the party via zoom or in person when allowed.

In the meantime, these are some potential book club questions I’ve been pondering for you:

• They say no soldier (or sailor) comes back from war uninjured. What are some indications that Nathan was more impacted by his service than he lets on?

• How did you feel about Dario Sava? Was he relatable?

• In some ways Dario Sava’s transformation to villain was spurred by the loss of his soulmate. How is the concept of soulmates portrayed in the story? Are soulmates a good thing or a bad thing?

• How does Emma’s past define her? How does she stand out among romance heroines?

• There are many characters in the story in need of “rescue.” How do the characters like Emma, Nathan, Hercules, and Charlie Bishop assist in their own personal rescues?

• What characters stood out to you as still struggling?

• What characters would you like to see return in the next book in the series?